2009 SIFE National Competition took place at the Alica hotel, Accra on the 28th -29th of May. There were 16 competing tertiary institutions.

Our theme for the past sife year was Community Agenda from Recovery to Empowerment (CARE) . In all we presented 5 projects. MyCCF(My customer comes first)- 2nd phase ; Netclass Project -2nd phase; Valuable waiste; Soluv fruit shakes & Activated carbons project.

There will be a general meeting for all members on the 4th of July at the Trinity campus. All should make it a point to be there. -from the President

Regent Ghana




SIFE is an acronym for Students In Free Enterprise. It constitutes of tertiary students from all over the world who are tasked to go into their communities and embark on projects based on the knowledge gained in their classrooms to help make their environments and the world as a whole, a better place to live.

Give me a fish and I will eat for a day, but show me how to fish and I will eat for a life time is the philosophy of SIFE, hence students are expected to teach their target audience and not to feed them. Competitions are held annually in countries , the winners of each country are selected to compete internationally.

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SIFE-REGENT was formed in the last quarter of the year 2007 and later formerly inaugurated in march 2008 with a membership strength of 20 including executives, today our membership strength is made up 47 including executives. Ever since inauguration, the team has worked coherently to achieve a lot of success within a short period of time.


We would like to show our profound gratitude to God Almighty for taking us through the previous year, and believing He is going to do the same this year too. And also to the c.e.o of Regent University Mr K. Larbi, the Provost and his wife, Rev. Nyarko, Ms Nancy, all lecturers and staff of Regent university who were around to criticize and encourage us and finally to the entire team, lets do this again this year!

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